Free Vodafone Mobile Broadband

zoomelectronics, Jun 6, 8:08pm
Free Vodafone Mobile Broadband NoI'm not say I know how I want to know. My friend said you could change some settings around on windows mobile to get free data with Vodafone. He said he did it on someone elses phone a while ago but has since forgotten how. If anyone here knows I would be grateful! Thanks in advance!

zoomelectronics, Jun 6, 8:10pm
OopsI forgot to addI want this because I have an HTC touch and I can't afford the expensive data charges on prepay nor can I afford one of the bigger plans.

kane199, Jun 6, 8:23pm
Some simcards come with "free data" sometimes vodafone catches you, sometimes they don't. we get many calls regarding this, it's not a setting you change, it's merely a hickup on vodafones side.

zoomelectronics, Jun 7, 8:54am
Ok thanks! Just my friend said you changed some settings or something.

mrtoken, Jun 9, 2:00am
There use to be a way but it has been fixed, if u want data pay for it

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