Question ???? printer ink

greghale, Jun 14, 9:35am
I have a epson tx110 and went in town today to buy 4 new inks $102.50
wtf................ cheaper to buy new printer...Anyway after looking on google I found this
All four inks for 39.00 $ Is this to good to believe or for real???? As anyone used them????

hakatere1, Jun 14, 10:30am
Great fb too. 4000+ trades, no reds.

crzyhrse, Jun 14, 11:23am

drcspy, Jun 14, 3:40pm
plenty of places to buy compatible can even fill your own if you bothered to google it......

lythande1, Jun 14, 7:55pm
Used EzyInk, very good service. Used Ink Venus - too many failures.

crzyhrse, Jun 14, 11:59pm
I've never had anything from Inkvenus fail yet and I've used them a lot even in inkjets getting heavy use in a commercial environment.

oakie, Jun 15, 6:57pm
EzyInk are great, I have used them 3 times and postage is real fast ... definitely recommended.

hakatere1, Jun 15, 10:13pm
Same same.

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