Adblock for Chrome

Just installed,that stupid bitch with the price tag on her head made me do it.
Googled guess what?AdBlock for Chrome,went to La
Vista Bitch.

geek_deodar1, Jun 15, 7:12 pm

Oh yeah,I thought Chrome was a lame duck with no extensions until I visited
the Chrome Store-even music editors & chord dictionary there.

geek_deodar1, Jun 15, 7:47 pm

Always interesting reading your post deobar... like playing Charades in the dark lol!

geek_acura, Jun 15, 7:47 pm

Have you got a stye?

geek_badcam, Jun 15, 7:49 pm

No,I was sitting on a pile but Vanishing cream fixed them.& the Dr said nothing
would except surgery!There was a traditional cure for styes but forget it now.

geek_deodar1, Jun 15, 8:10 pm
by pee is the
recommended treatment but first you have to find a baby badcam.

geek_deodar1, Jun 15, 8:15 pm

Perhaps you have a mote in your eye?

geek_badcam, Jun 15, 8:21 pm

I've got the new update Chrome version 12 and never had a singel ad, and I have not addons installed,

geek_peter148, Jun 16, 1:10 am

Has it got a home page button or decent favourites stash?

geek_deodar1, Jun 16, 1:20 am