Printer wont print

ajtrees, Jun 15, 10:05pm
My printer is not printing the documents - they are in a queue and it says the printer is paused.I never paused it and I can't find out how to un-pause it.
I have turned off all power and turned it back on as it used to spit stuff out when turned off if it was having a problem.Help anyone I have an important document in there and can't get it out!!!

r.g.nixon, Jun 15, 11:21pm
Isn't there a tick by 'pause' in the spooler window (open up from the icon in the system tray)? I can't quite remember. If so, click that.

tigra, Jun 15, 11:28pm
Or maybe somehow the default printer is no longer the default printer. Go to Control panel and check printers.

ajtrees, Jun 16, 2:37am
thanks, with your help I sorted it out

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