Help Please ! My Brother MFC885CW Wireless Printer

pamton, Jun 16, 3:46am
I cannot get it to print the black . It was instorage for about 12mths .. I put all new inks in and the colour works but cannot get it to print black ..It will copy in colour and a pale grey for the black .. Has this happened to anyone else . ?

lostdude, Jun 16, 4:13am
First check the black cartridge is fully inserted properly and securely, then do some head cleaning. Failing that, either get a tech in or buy a new one. Lasers have less ink problems but cost more, though economically, they are far more efficient in the long run.

drcspy, Jun 16, 5:07am
bad idea having a printer in 'storage' it's almost a certainty that the ink jets are how to unblock them for that make/model. failing that a new printer

drcspy, Jun 16, 5:08am
it's an inkjet far as I can see and that being the case it's NOT worth getting a tech in to fix it you'd pay more than a new machine is worth

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