Can't access internet with MSE

sam_myinbox, Jun 28, 9:37pm
I installed Microsoft Security Essentials yesterday and now this morning I haven't been able to load any web pages or download emails.

I tried turning off the MSE real-time protection and it worked.

What could be going on here and how should I resolve it?

drcspy, Jun 28, 9:50pm
never heard of that one before you have any other antivirus etc programs installed ?

swivel, Jun 28, 9:50pm
Well I wouldn't say it's MSE. Do you have Malwarebytes anti malware ?? if so run it. Are all your lights on, (on the modem) etc

drcspy, Jun 28, 9:52pm
from what site did you download mse ?

sam_myinbox, Jun 28, 9:55pm
I did have Norton installed but I've since uninstalled that.
It can't be the router/modem as I have a laptop here working fine.

I use wireless and the connection is connected and strong.

I don't have Malwarebytes.

It is an odd problem isn't it. Also, if I load a site,such as Facebook and turn protection on, I can still load other pages on that domain, but not any new websites. It's like some sort of filtering problem...

sam_myinbox, Jun 28, 9:55pm

drcspy, Jun 28, 9:57pm
did you use the norton removal tool to uninstall norton or just 'programs and features' (vista/win7) or 'add remove programs' (xp)

drcspy, Jun 28, 9:58pm

drcspy, Jun 28, 9:59pm
arrgghhh bloody tm screwing with links again...........take out the - things in that link for it to work.....(not the _)

sam_myinbox, Jun 28, 10:02pm
I used the Norton unistall option and chose to remove all settings. Thanks drcspy I'll give that app a go...

sam_myinbox, Jun 28, 10:09pm
Well well well, it worked. Thank you very much! :)

drcspy, Jun 28, 10:09pm
norton isbitch of a program and it'll leave crap all over your system if it's not uninstalled MAY have to INSTALL norton again in order to correctly run the uninstaller and remove ALL the rubbish....

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