Access is denied on certain files

slinger33, Jun 27, 10:16pm
ok im hoping some clever person can help me, a few weeks back i copied some files from one external drive to another i then took the one i had copied on to and tried to plug this into another computer to use the files from it and it says that access is denied, i tried the whole changing the ownership of the file but it won't let me open, move, delete or anything, any ideas anybody?

ETA both systems are running windows xp.

drcspy, Jun 27, 10:22pm

slinger33, Jun 28, 4:33am
nope unfortunately that didn'twork either

smoshy16, Jun 28, 6:50am

jcmp21, Jun 28, 8:14am
There's no encryption involved is there?

slinger33, Jun 30, 12:06am
i'm not sure if there is or not any encryptions involved. how would i know?

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