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jude164, Jun 24, 7:32am
Can anyone help before I go and buy another printer, stupid me let my daughter next door borrow my printer with the installation and documentation discs, it was returned with out the installation disc and I have a new computer which it hasn't been ever installed on. the printer is "Brother MFC-J265W"
I am not that great with computers but have googled drivers for it but they seem to want to charge.
Any help would be very gratefully appreciated - and lesson learned - don't lend my computer stuff out...

spyware, Jun 24, 7:38am
Maybe you could actually try the Brother website.

cybertao, Jun 24, 7:39am

drcspy, Jun 24, 7:46am
yeh I always am amazed that people dont seem to think of goin to the manufacturers site.............at least in this case the person did try to google it.....but WHY wouln't you think to goto the brother site......

cybertao, Jun 24, 7:58am
I'm amazed you guys don't have anything better to do on a Friday night than be unhelpful in threads asking for help.

jude164, Jun 24, 8:26am
Thanks for that, sorry I have a slipped disc and major back problems and have been bedridden for 6 weeks on heavy meds so NO my brain didn't even think of that. I will give it a go tomorrow when the meds are wearing off. and thank you cybertao sometimes it can be scary coming in here...

bowla3, Jun 24, 9:40am
Had a problem a few days ago. Phone, 0800 329 111. very helpful and polite, not like some of the smartarses here.

jdncomz, Jun 24, 11:06am
Yea if the standard end user didn't ask for advice they would probably find them self in some Russian weir site downloading fake drivers

drcspy, Jun 24, 4:21pm
"some of the smartarses here" have on MANY MANY MANY occasions gone to extraordinary lenghts and tied up hours of their own time FREE (yes this happens a lot) to help people here and they occasionally get a 'thank you' but thats all..........be greatful for whatever type of assistance you mightget here this is a free message board and that's all it is..........it's NOT a 'helpdesk' and even if it was the people who FREQUENT these pages are not paid...............if you dont like our attitudes go pay someone

cybertao, Jun 24, 11:44pm
I guess you don't have anything better to do.

drcspy, Jun 25, 12:11am
since you dont know anything about what I do you guessed wrong

cybertao, Jun 25, 12:39am
Since you're still here, I guessed right.

jude164, Jun 25, 2:48am
Many thanks for that info, with a fuddled medicated brain it is hard to see the wood from the trees sometimes. I have now set up it up (and so easy) but out of cyan so I can't test it but it all looks good. Thank you for your help you have saved me some $$$ as i was just so frustrated at having a printer that couldn't be used and also thank you for being so nice...getting the ink will have to wait as I have had to take afternoon meds...

drcspy, Jun 25, 3:59am

jude164, Jun 25, 4:22am
Sorry are you referring to me??? I just came bac in here to say thanks????

directorylist, Jun 25, 4:28am

drcspy, Jun 25, 4:46am
as you're well aware we're not obiligated to help

cybertao, Jun 25, 5:37am
You are welcome to be as unhelpful as you like. Are you aware actively exercising that right is redundant?

propagator, Jun 25, 5:52am
For what it's worth.....I have been helped on many occasions by drcspy over the years and I'm sure I have asked some very dumb questions as a newbie but I have always been grateful for the advice he has given me, some of which was away over my head in the early days but his patience was always much appreciated. Thanks again drcspy.
the propagator's wife

babcorp, Jun 25, 6:14am
I have nothing better to do.*eats popcorn*

reeveopd, Jun 25, 6:44am
I've seen plenty of help from the spy... read some more threads.

teesebaker, Jun 25, 6:52am

no thanks..my Mum came in Posting asking for help as she is not computer savy at all......alot of people did and were very niceto her....but this one
" spy face" or whateverare too up themselves..
Even to with this poor Posters threadasking for help.. Spy.... have proved they are up themselves and a condsecending twit..

reeveopd, Jun 25, 6:58am
I've read the thread, he just suggested it was a wind up. Easy to see why he would think that.

Perhaps you could tell your mum about a rather popular site called google.

reeveopd, Jun 25, 7:00am
Why did she come on here? Oh that's right, because YOU wouldn't help her. Now you have the audacity to shoot arrows at another who was not being helpful! That's rich.

teesebaker, Jun 25, 7:05am
I think**Wind up** ..2 measly words was a tad lazy of him and really helpful?he couldn'tbe bothered helping like the other kind posters.. so instead of staying out he had to add his2 word smart comment..he's a condesending dick head ...

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