64bit v 32bit (printers)

getting more of these questions now that win7 abounds and the perfectly good printer sits there dumbly wondering where to print from- and then gets tossed because there are no 64bit drivers for them

this relates to networked printers, been trying a few things with the son on phone
received this email
Change XP to use win native (32 bit) LaserJet driver (Bog standard drvr, but SUPPORTED in 64 bit Win.).

Change Win7 to use native 64 bit HP 3050 drv. - install locally, change port to share AFTER install.

bingo.Print over net to share using spool/emf and spool/raw.

Bloody computers.Will still have a look at Ubuntu though.

for the guys who have to deal with this type of thing - this is a hp laserjet 3050 - dam fine printers still - installed physically on a xp 32bit box and printer set to share on the network
typical home network scenario as new kit gets added to old

file it away and it may help you out someday

geek_skin1235, Jun 27, 10:41 pm

+1not sure what poster #1 is on about.

geek_gibler, Jun 27, 10:54 pm

just a workaround for when the drivers ( as you have pointed to oclaf) still won't allow you to print to that networked printer while it is physically on a32 bit xp machine, as some of us have found to be quite common - and not just that printer but many of the earlier printers that are supposed to be 64bit supported , then you find they'll work if you plug them into the 64bit machine but won't if you havethem networked on another machine
or to some I'm still rambling, lol

geek_skin1235, Jun 27, 11:56 pm

I have just got off the phone with an extremely helpful MS support person about this same problem.
It turned out to be the (legit) version of Office 2010 I had - she uninstalled my copy and reinstalled a new copy and everything (so far) is fine: no longer am I getting the message that the wretched thing can't find the 32 bit driver.
I had googled it and found that it's a common problem, but no-one seemed to have a solution. MS's on-line chat help was really good! I might have to start revising my opinion of MS...

geek_ro42, Jun 28, 2:33 am

Did they phone you, or you them? How did they uninstall the old Office 2010 and install a new version?

geek_badcam, Jun 28, 7:25 am

If you do go this route, try Mint first. Personally, I'd recommend 10 and not 11. I've tried 11, but on my systems it has a couple of minor bugs. Compiz,Borders not being drawn properly.

geek_badcam, Jun 28, 7:31 am

I used the on-line chat help at MS support first, then they called me (knowing I was in NZ!), then when they realised that it was something wrong with the version of Office I was usng, I got passed up the line to someone more technical, who took shared control of the computer (with my permission, and through Microsoft's secure system). I also received an email with the log from MS afterwords.

Uinstalling and installing - uninstalling was done first, then the installing by downloading from the MS secure site.
But yes, I was wary! I've run a scan since, just in case ;)

geek_ro42, Jun 28, 10:25 am