Firefox 5 - can't access Google Calendar or Gmail

I've searched this but not found a fix.I get the message 'Firefox can't access the server at'FF updated and immediately this happened.I've tried clearing cache, deleting cookies, checked my firewall settings, turned off Avast, rebooted - all no change.Ideas?

geek_smine, Jun 26, 7:35 am

I can enter in the search box and it appears, just cannot get to Gmail or Calendar.A clue may be that Outlook Express can still access and download from Gmail??

geek_smine, Jun 26, 7:37 am

Options > Advanced > Network > Settings
It should be No Proxy.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 26, 7:58 am

It is that, still no go.

geek_smine, Jun 26, 10:03 am

Change to another DNS. or (in TCP/IP properties on computer or ADSL router).

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 26, 7:08 pm

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 26, 9:15 pm

Did you have the Google Toolbar installed on FF before you upgraded to FF5?If so, you might find that the problem relates to the unavailability of the toolbar for FF5.Can you use Gmail via URL address?

geek_barmanmyk, Jun 27, 4:49 pm

Found the issue, fixed.My firewall Net Veda Safetynet got set somehow to not show alerts and it was giving one which I was not seeing.When I disabled the firewall I still had no access because it was trying to issue an alert that it was disabled.Then I discovered that with the firewall disabled (or so I thought, in fact it was partly disabled awaiting a response) I got no internet access at all.Led me to re-examine the firewall and I found the errant setting.I didn't turn the alert off so WTF.Computers can give you a hard time eh.Thanks for all the ideas.

geek_smine, Jun 27, 5:13 pm