Ram upgrade for Acer Aspire 5720

stevel_knievel, Jun 26, 10:58am
should be fine

drcspy, Jun 26, 6:11pm
well that ram you're lookin at is "PC2-6400 DDR2 800MHz" and according to the Acer site the ram it'll handle is: " DDR2 533 MHz" The TM ram is faster ram that what your system is designed for.IT's possible the computer will run that ram but then again it's also possible it wont.And just because it's 800Mhz ram and your comp is designed to run 533Mhz ram that wont speed up the computer any more than putting 533Mhz ram into it as the system will slow the 800Mhz ram down.........theres NO guarantee that your system is capable of running 800Mhz ram (tho many 533 systems will handle it) yours may not.....

fishb8, Jun 27, 1:47am
Cheers for that - it's likely to go cheaply so might be worth a try.

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