Printer wont print

kaylin, Jun 25, 9:26pm
Yes I have checked the left hand box incase someone else has asked the same thing...

I have an epson stylus CX5500.Have just replaced the ink with some stuff i have got on here - and the feedback was good, with people saying it worked in their Epson computer...

But the red light saying no ink is still on.I have been googling for an hour (had to google to find out how to replace it in the first place) but cannot see how to fix.

Anyone please? I'm about ready to throw the whole thing out :(

gdnshack, Jun 25, 9:36pm
You would probably have to manually reset the ink counter to make it work if the ink is not from the original manufacturer.I have a Canon but when I enquired at a shop that sells the refilled cartridges they gave me a set of instructions on what to do.Try googling those instructions for your Epson.Don't throw it out yet.Lol. Would be just a matter of resetting I would think.

kaylin, Jun 25, 9:43pm
Thank you.I will google 'how to reset an epson then'.

kaylin, Jun 25, 9:47pm
It says download and extract the file ??? What download?What file??

pheonix, Jun 25, 9:51pm
Reset the counter and clean out the waste ink tank.
read about resetting here , and the software is obtained by clicking on the word 'download'

kaylin, Jun 25, 10:01pm
Honestly - I have clicked that link 3 times, and hit the download button 3 times.EVERY TIME I get redirected to a different website.No happy to download when that happens, it screams 'virus' to me!!

pheonix, Jun 25, 10:10pm

Direct download
Not a virus .. please yourself whether you want a chance to fix it or throw it out really.

kaylin, Jun 25, 10:14pm
Thank you.I have downloaded that. Now I will find the resetter button.

waimee, Jun 26, 3:07am
My HP Photosmart printer won't print in black & white. Even though I don't use colour every so often it tells me a colour has run out. I just replaced one colour & it said another colour had run out but I haven't even used the colour
at all.Is this inbuiltto make you keep buying colours?

drsr, Jun 26, 4:10am
Basically yes, every time it does a cleaning cycle it uses up some colour ink, even if you never print in colour. It has to do this to keep the ink path to the heads clean, but some say this happens a bit more often than is necessary.

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