Linux mint 11 wireless setup??

fordcrzy, Jun 21, 8:10am
how do i find out the SSID/mac address etc of my router as linux mint doesnt seem to be able to automatically find my router settings like windows 7 does and ubuntu did too....(old compac laptop)

r.g.nixon, Jun 21, 8:46am
I just use a manual IP address, net mask & gateway on my Mint 11. (old Acer laptop).

badcam, Jun 21, 8:57am
So, what are you doing to try to connect to the internet (to your Wifi)? Step by step process please.

fordcrzy, Jun 24, 10:06am
internet and router connected perfectly with wired ethernet....just has no idea about the wireless connection..all the settings are blank.

badcam, Jun 24, 10:13am
Have you set up Wifi on your Router?
Is it actually a Wifi Router?

Where are you looking? Menu/Preferences/Network Connections ???

Did you try inputting your Wifi settings there?

Have you tried the Network Icon in the bottom right corner? Can you see any Wifi networks listed there?

Thanks for your step by step process info.

oclaf, Jun 24, 10:42am
from memory
sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng
start airomon-ng wlan0 (or whatever your device is)
start airodump-ng
find your AP in the list. You might need to make it make some noise.
Its been ages since I used aircrack so If that doesnt work I'm sure there is an easier way to find it. Or look at at aircracks documentation.

Actually why dont your just open your router config via ethernet and pluck out the SSID and MAC? Surely thats easier.

EDIT: Actually mine is a rather asinine suggestion.
Is wireless enabled?
bring up terminal and throw in "iwconfig". should list your wireless adaptors and connections.
"iwconfig wlan0" should enable the wireless apdapter.

badcam, Jun 24, 8:15pm
Just start with the basics fordcrzy. Have you left-clicked on the Network Icon on the panelbar? ie the bar that runs across the bottom of your screen, assuming that it's a bog standard install. It's the same Icon that shows that you are connected to the Ethernet. Left-click that and does it list the available Wifi Networks?

guest, Nov 24, 12:01pm
Solved it for me! When the banner said use 'network menu', I looked for menus under various network settings windows and nothing worked. I didn't think of left-clicking an icon depicting a disconnected wired LAN. Did that, and it worked at once.

tinhorse34, Dec 29, 8:59am
Left clicking the disconnected icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen worked for me as well. Left clicked it and a list of various available WIFI connections showed up and all I did was click on my router and presto.....Instantly connected.

waitformyrevenge, Aug 16, 1:59am
yep, i just clicked de icon too. I lost 20 minutes of my life.
I feel stupid.

guest, Nov 14, 5:46pm
Toshiba Satellite L15-S104. I did the iwconfig and then the iwconfig wlan0 and it shows no wireless extensions
no such device

This is on Mint Mate 12

I have wireless enabled on router.

Where do I get drivers?


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