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jaja6, Jun 22, 12:01am
DVDShrink, DVD43, Decripter etc all failed to read/decode. I assume AnyDVD would work as it did last month but unfortunately it has expired and wants me to pay US$69. Is there a way to get around the AnyDVD expired day. Or is there any free software I can use? Cheers.

valentino, Jun 22, 12:06am
What Movie is it.... Fab Decrypter usually opens the more latest Disney movies.

r.g.nixon, Jun 22, 12:35am
Cheaper to buy another DVD. Just buy two of every movie, that way you automatically have a backup!

jaja6, Jun 22, 12:49am
Prince of Persia.

hakatere1, Jun 22, 1:00am
Google 1st page 3rd down....http://www.ideamarkete-

gyrogearloose, Jun 22, 1:08am
Send them an email and ask for help, the address is:

valentino, Jun 22, 1:32am

jaja6, Jun 22, 1:44am
"Oops! This page appears broken"

hakatere1, Jun 22, 2:10am works for me. TM broke the one above and I should have left a gap between full stops and link.

little_egypt, Jun 22, 2:27am

deodar1, Jun 22, 2:32am
We don't approve of PORN especially Kiddie Porn

jaja6, Jun 22, 3:50am
DVDFab can read the disk but keeps saying I got the wrong kind of blank dvd. I tried DVD+R and DVD-R. Is Fab actually asking for Double-Layered Disk?

swivel, Jun 22, 3:58am
Why Pirate ??

valentino, Jun 22, 4:01am
It should actually decrypt it to your hard drive then you will need to recode onto a basic blank DVD disc via a recode like Nero or whatever one uses. Perhaps it could write to a dual sided single layered disc or the dual layered single sided disc ( the 9GB ones)? Have not done that yet.

Editing to add that one should note the destination on the HD first then recode onto a 4GB single layered one side dvd disc. But if you do not have a recode program then the dual layered 9 GB DvD blank disc (more expensive though).

jaja6, Jun 22, 4:11am
I think I got the idea. Thanks, valentino.

crzyhrse, Jun 22, 4:11am
That's so true!

jaja6, Jun 22, 4:41am
I let DVDShrink do the last task. It' s beautiful. Thanks again, Valentino. DVDFab is a great program.

jaja6, Jun 22, 4:52am
But Ideal DVD Copy would cost US$39?

jaja6, Jun 22, 5:07am
I read thru them all, thanks for the links, Little Egypt.
I guess you are well read geek.

mr-word, Jun 22, 6:15am You shouldn't have any trouble backing upyour dvds with the right apps and

lythande1, Jun 22, 6:31am
Just buy another - that way in case of the extremely unlikely scenario where you lose the other or snap it in half, you have a spare.

Oh but wait, you just want to pirate it.

mr-word, Jun 22, 6:33am
It is quite cynical too assume that everyone who wants to backup a disc is pirating it. Making a backup legal under fair use.

swivel, Jun 22, 7:14am
No, It will breach most copyright laws of the creator.

But could I get a link to the fair use law, could be a good read

little_egypt, Jun 22, 8:28am
Making a backup or transcoding to a portable device OUGHT to be fair use and in many other countries it is, including the USA I believe.

Under NZ copyright law though you're allowed to make backup copies of software and music only. Video is excluded. So technically it's 'piracy' even if your reason for doing it is perfectly reasonable (where 'reasonable' means doing something that would be a legal backup or transcode if you were doing the same thing with software or music)

little_egypt, Jun 22, 8:30am
BTW there should probably be a different name for a disposable/expendable copy that you make so that you can put the original away as a 'backup' -- perhaps we should call it a 'front-up'?

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