Colour laser printer toners

fertman, Jun 19, 4:10am
having just replaced my Brother 4040cn toners with compatibles.(all three replacedat once, as that is what the machine showed and had stopped printing).Red is now dull and tending to a brownish hue and the ms bright green also prints dull.Yellow is acceptable.Tried altering setting on computor but does not appear to make any difference.Are some copmpatible toners better than others.Not to keen on $750 for a set of original equipment ones, so really looking compatibles.

reeveopd, Jun 19, 4:25am
In my opinion you are wasting your time with compatible printer consumables and they will cost you more in the long run (unusable prints, frustration, printer failure etc). Stick with the genuine product, they will always work best with your printer. You get what you pay for.

lostdude, Jun 19, 6:02am
And you can just reset the counters so you use ALL of the available ink instead of replacing when your printer "thinks" the toners are empty.

richms, Jun 19, 6:23am
Seen the same thing on some aftermarket generic toner in the past on my old colour laser.

Put genuine ones in and BAM - logo printed correctly, and the contrast wasnt all wrong.

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