Help please, Epsom TX 110 printer

fee7691, Jun 18, 2:38am
hi, can any one help? My printer has been flashing the toner light so I replaced the black, and as this wasn't sufficient to stop the flashing light I replaced the other 3 colours also. But the light is still flashing - any thoughts please? When I try to print it shows all the colours are out, where as normally it would show maybe black getting low & the colours ok. Thanks

drcspy, Jun 18, 2:45am
reinstall the inks..........turn the machine off/on etc...........thump a new printer

Ps: I hope you didn't buy 'real epson' ink ? cost more than a new printer

sapper1, Jun 18, 3:30am
Agree with the Doctor, reinstall the inks then switch off, wait 30sec then switch back on agin and if it doesn't work buy a Brother laser.

flockton55, Jun 18, 8:07pm
Just don't buy a Brother inkjet!

drcspy, Jun 18, 8:24pm
well YOU may have had a bad experience with one but MY brother dcp-165c has been goin very well for the last three years usign EPSON ink from CISS system refill' costs me virtually nothing to refill and runs bueatifully.........

and just saying 'don't buy a brother inkjet' is pretty useless unless you can accompany your statement with some qualifiying information

lythande1, Jun 18, 9:07pm
It doesn't have toner - only lasers have toner. Yours has ink cartridges.

lythande1, Jun 18, 9:08pm
You should know those sort od statements are meaningless. Plenty of people had ECS motherboards without an issue too.
The way you determine reliabilty is to see how many failures you get over a large quantity - no less than 1000 say.
I can tell you Brother did have a high failure rate a few years ago, not sure if it's improved yet or not.

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