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nakigal73, Jun 18, 4:47am
Hi everyone
I'm looking at setting up a network share device to allow all PCs/Macs in my house to have a central place to save files. It doesn't necessarily need to allow for printer sharing. From your experience what would you recommend - eg: Server/NASMake/Models

Additional Info: PC's are running Windows 7 Pro; Macs are running Max OS X 10.5.8


reeveopd, Jun 18, 5:11am
Depends on what you want, storage wise and the ability to expand etc.

I have a 1TB drive in an external enclosure that has ethernet (cost me $30 i think) runs SMB so all of my computers can see it, also has FTP so I can access the drive over the internet from another location. Works well for me.

missyone, Jun 18, 5:16am
Time Capsule???

nakigal73, Jun 18, 5:26am
Thanks for the suggestions....I never thought of an enclosure with ethernet/Time Capsule.

I guess having the ability to expand would be good, but even an interim measure would be useful. Being able to access the data from a central location is the main reason I'm looking at options - I also like the idea of FTP or similar for Internet access.

Thanks again :)

directorylist, Jun 18, 5:28am
If you're going to build your own.

FreeNAS is one of the best products out there. Its based of ZFS which for free is pretty nice Protocal wise it hits all the usual suspects

nakigal73, Jun 18, 5:34am
Thanks directorylist - appreciate it - I will take a look :)

jcmp21, Jun 18, 5:57am
How does that go for security?

reeveopd, Jun 18, 8:54am
Never had a problem... router port forwards 21 to the drive. There are probably measures I could take but there is no "sensitive" data on that drive so I really don't care, lol.

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