Advice for everybody - Take it!

petertrademe, Jun 17, 12:59am
So many times i hear of people losing their important documents, pictures etc because their computer crashed or someone stole it or the man in the shop rebuilt it and wiped it out. I even hear this from so called "experts" who should know better.

Please please please, if you have anything of importance to you on your computer then make a REGULAR BACKUP. You can do this on CDs, DVDs or backup drives (I don't recommend "sticks" as they can be iffy). I always make 2 backups just in case!

The first rule of computers - BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!

swivel, Jun 17, 1:04am
Hmm didn't know that

petertrademe, Jun 17, 1:07am
Sacasm never helps those that are not as (obviously) clever as you.

r.g.nixon, Jun 17, 1:07am
Also use (free for 2 GB).
Make a folder called My Mozy or similar (with sub folders if required) and save your *most important files* there. Set the mozy program to only backup that folder or you might run over the 2GB limit.
- you get multiple backups per day, ability to restore previous versions of the same document if you have changed the contents, ability to restore individual files to any other computer.

lythande1, Jun 17, 4:57am
Yeah yeah. We tell them but they don't listen. Once they have lost it and can't get it back, then they cry. But then they've learnt too.

gibler, Jun 17, 5:50am
nope they'll never learn. I've had people almost boast saying "I have no backups".

babcorp, Jun 17, 6:01am
you should be posting this in General.

badcam, Jun 17, 6:32am
A lot of people do get their backup in here though.

johnf_456, Jun 17, 8:19am
Backups what that.

richard112, Jun 17, 10:38am
That was weird

groovebox, Jun 17, 11:23am
Good advice.

A couple of mths ago I posted about a laptop user with a lot of photo's (over 3000 family photo's and reunions etc) on his laptop - ravaged by overuse / HD over full - the HD started failing - symptoms were ignored - tried most of the tricks to retreive - no good. User not willing to spend $1000 to get data forensically restored. So kiss goodbye.

User buys a new computer - (start afresh) - starts taking photo's etc - I ask him whether he is now doing backups and he said "don't have to - this computer is so much newer and faster".


We need to preach this message to the masses...

pcfix4u, Jun 17, 8:00pm
Some will never take that advice until they have a major loss, I keep a big box of tissues for such people.

gary231, Jun 17, 8:22pm
Good advice, I use a program called "Sync Back" and you can set up a schedule so that to backs up to one or more drives daily, weekly etc - It;s a free program and very easy to setup & use - just google it

deodar1, Jun 18, 12:43am
We don't all live in Christ not another church.

mlh19658, Jun 18, 12:55am
Wanna come down here and face off? Dumbf8CK.
Lots of shit/silt to shovel here. You should fit in well.

mlh19658, Jun 18, 1:02am
Sorry peeps.
Shouldn't've said that. Just saw red for a moment.

deodar1, Jun 18, 5:25am
mlh,your favourite quote should cover it.Keep it in mind after the next BIG 1.

drcspy, Jun 18, 5:58am
dont like online backups I prefer to have the backup where I can physically locate it if I need........personally I tend to use macrium reflect to make a system image onto an external and that is also saved onto another pc.......

jcmp21, Jun 18, 6:10am
After what's happened down here I think both online and a physical backup is best.

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