Advice on new laptop please?

ambo11, Jun 18, 1:54am
Hi, wanting to replace our 3 year old Toshiba as its only 60gb harddrive etc etc, looked at the Compaq for $699 at DSE but it gets crap online reviews, as in slow/poor battery etc, plus its only 320Gb and 2Gb ram. Also keen on the Dell Inspiron 15R at $899 delivered, has the new "icore" processor, with 4gb of ram and 500gb hard drive, what do you computer experts think of this laptop? Plenty out there around that price, but naturally wanting to get the most bang for our for Compaq is and the Dell is for any thoughts, will be used as everday home comp, no gaming etc at all. Cheers

drcspy, Jun 18, 1:56am
hard drives are cheap to replace it'd cost you maybe $100 for a 500gb one

drcspy, Jun 18, 1:58am
the dicksmith one is a celeron ...........yuk

the dell one has onboard graphics and it's only an i3........not that good either what's your budget ?

vtecintegra, Jun 18, 2:00am
Go into DSE and have a look at the Compaq - it has an extremely cheaply built plastic casing which may put you off.

I'd be looking at one of these or the Dell -

drcspy, Jun 18, 2:08am

I bought one of these a few weeks ago (got it for $919 easter saturday special - shows their profit margin eh !)

damn good machine......
640gb hdd
4gb ram
512mb dedicated graphic....

ambo11, Jun 18, 2:09am
Hi, well budget we want to remain under a grand really, have this one still plus a big desktop. Wife will be travelling o/seas so would like a bigger hard drive etc then, for heaps family videos etc which will be staying on the comp. This one has 1gb ram/60GB hard drive and its an Intel Celeron apart from storage capacity, how much better will the new ones be? This is running Vista and is a Satellite Pro A200. As for Celeron etc, I don't know the differences between processors etc..just probably fall victim to the advertising

drcspy, Jun 18, 2:12am
DON'T buy a celeron they're crap compared to the pentiums (old tech now_) and the i3, i5,i7 series

as I said to replace the hard drive with a 500gb costs bugger all......

ambo11, Jun 18, 2:15am
Okay, cheers for that..something to consider instead of replacement, reckon another gig of ram wouldn't go amiss in this one now to make it 2 gig..seems to be just "slow'" now with freeze ups etc, is always defragged/ccleaned etc at least once a month..down to 10gig spare which I try to maintain in case it for the opinions.

drcspy, Jun 18, 2:16am
vista was slow specially with only 1gb ram .....

lythande1, Jun 18, 2:55am
Asus or Toshiba, but replacing it for drive size issilly -just replace the drive,

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