2011 Macbook Pro Line In question...

g-tech, Jun 17, 10:25am
Really strange problem with my new Macbook Pro. I have installed windows 7 and just reallised there is no line-in port on the MBP. How do i mitigate this as I plan to record via 3.5mm input

dunedin_ree, Jun 17, 10:31am

martinhb, Jun 17, 11:02am
It is a in and out port.

I found the iMic handy, bought one to rip my vinyl to mp3.


guest, Aug 4, 11:31am
At last, sonomee who comes to the heart of it all

guest, Aug 5, 12:05am
That's really shwder! Good to see the logic set out so well.

guest, Aug 7, 2:24am
By Anonymous 2011 ? 12 ? 02 ? - 21:42:32Apple's HK Support page has the info.Goto the Apple HK main Support page, scroll down to the end of page:????????? > click ????", a new page open with this on the list MacBook ???????".

guest, May 26, 5:36pm
cool board

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