XP read/write access to Win7 shared drive

r.g.nixon, Jul 1, 8:16am
Today I added a Win7 computer to all all peer-to-peer XP network.

The XP computers can't open the Win7 completely(everyone) shared D: drive, with one exception - the XP computer has the same account name and password as the Win7 computer. Do I have to add the same account to the other XP computers or something?

jcmp21, Jul 1, 8:56am
Yes, or connect using the credentials of an account on the win7 machine that has access to that folder. It's easier to set a username and password which is the same on all machines on the LAN then it's pretty much going to work as long as the share is set right.

lyndon.craw, Jul 1, 9:01am
You have to add ???Everyone??? to the ???Choose People to Share With??? dialog in a folders sharing properties.

pcmaster, Jul 1, 10:56am
how many machines on the network? it may be a good time to set up a server for that sort of thing.

edangus, Jul 1, 11:04am
This is a dog of an issue..............

Have the Geni guys working on it at present.

Have tried all the solutions ie "Everyone"and still the system is not stabilised.

Now having less frequent issues but normally 1 of the XP's goes down once a day, all the Win7 machines are sweet.

Geni guys are still scratching their heads and they are the pros....

Thought I was going nuts as the issue is illogical and intermittent. So got the "Experts in"

Will post back if I ever get a 100% solution.

Its got to the point where I may upgrade all XP comps to Win7.

r.g.nixon, Jul 1, 11:13am
Only 4-5 PCs. Was all set to add a NAS device last year, would have done away with a lot of the sharing that is now required, but the boss didn't want the extra 'complexity'.

jcmp21, Jul 2, 12:21am
gen-i are pros? lol

edangus, Jul 2, 5:44am
Welll they are more qualified than me. This sharing issue with Win7 and XP is a sod.

charles.j, Jul 2, 6:21am
Win7 sharing for me was easy... I just set everyone. It'll ask for a username and password at first, but you can just tick "remember" if that suits you.

ross1970, Jul 2, 7:54am
There are 2 instances of "Everyone" that you'd have to take into account aren't there? You have share permissions (sharing tab), and then you have ntfs permissions (security tab). You'd want "everyone" to be showing on both, and for each to be set to full control. (??)

edangus, Jul 2, 9:35am
Been there, done that.......

richms, Jul 2, 12:38pm
I hate windows shareing without a domain controller to make it all just work.

The only other way I have had reliable results is to use net use on the command line, there are parameters to add username and password to it, but if the local user has no password it is impossible to get it to remember passwords many times.

r.g.nixon, Jul 6, 5:44am
Thanks... working now.
I had to type the word Everyone into the empty box and then tick the extra permissions required.

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