Retail shops advice regarding virus protection

emma144, Jul 4, 5:05am
Was inquiring about computers at Harvey Norman and said to the salesman that i would probably use a free anti virus program eg. avast or avira. His reply was did I know what the issues were with those. I said yes (couldn't be bothered getting into a conversation) But i was just wondering what his spin would have been. Yes i know he's trying to sell me Norton.

drcspy, Jul 4, 5:09am
for sure..........I reccomend microsoft security essentials it's good and free..........DON'T listen to a salesman they just want their commission and Norton is RUBBISH

emma144, Jul 4, 5:11am
So what would've he told me?

smine, Jul 4, 5:25am
It seems to me Emma that you squandered a perfect opportunity to find out.

drcspy, Jul 4, 5:27am
who knows..........why not go back and ask then report back here theres plenty of REAL TECHS hang around here (no we're not sales men - they aren't generally real techs at all they're just salespeople trying to sell you anything they can to make their commission)'ll be interesting

gibler, Jul 4, 5:33am
they tried to sell me their super surge protector/power cleaner.
At the end of the demo the shop guy could tell I was underwhelmed.
Felt good to "decline" the extended warranty too.
Removing Nortons also brings back good memories.

r.g.nixon, Jul 4, 5:35am
Nothing wrong with a good surge/spike protector.

gdnshack, Jul 4, 6:00am
Weknew nothing about computers when we bought our first one.It hadthe awful McAfee security suite already installed in it (probably a deal between them and Harvey Norman and we got the extended warranty as well.

THIS time with Noel Leemings when the saleman worked out his deal I was able to tell him what I didn't want and knocked quite a bit off the price- but he didn't try to sell me Nortons, I think he mentioned it though, I took Kaspersky instead.Lol.The surge protector is a must have though.

the_don_61, Jul 4, 6:02am
Norton is fine..when the free year runs out..just format your Op drive and reload windows and reinstall. its free again for anther year..Just as years go on 1st download takes longer..

lythande1, Jul 4, 7:47am
Yes of course. They are PAID on what they can push. Nortons is the worst for detecting anything. Best pay is NOD32, best free is Microsoft Security Essentials. Ask real techs not appliance salespeople on commission. They wouldn't know a decent product if they fell over one.

awrenn, Jul 4, 9:03am
Each to there own - you'll get an opinion from everyone......all mainstream branded machines will have either a trial version of Norton's or Mcafee on it - after the 60/90 day trial you'll need to put something on it.

As far as I'm concerned a salesman that doesn't talk about antivirus or recommend one to you when your buying a pc/laptop is not doing the right thing by you, the customer.

Salesman are really damned if they do & damned if they don't.....they don't offer you one & the trial runs out, you get a virus & you blame them for not telling you or offering you something!

Norton's had a rough couple of years when the beefed up their software & it became resource hungry...made the pc run slow, now days it's much better than it was & fine for a lot of people.

I run Bullguard at home, Avast on my laptop at work, Avast on the wife's laptop, have a Kaspersky there to use when I need it.....some people prefer the install & forget about it type of antivirus, others prefer one you can get right into & play with/tune.

Ask you friends & colleagues and do your own little poll - you'll soon get a feeling for what is most popular & then you'll have someone to help you if/when you have issue's :-)


lythande1, Jul 4, 8:05pm
The problem is not whether it is/was resource hungry but whether it found anything.
Real world testing shows it still fails miserably at that. Not much point in having protection that doesn't work.

beechee51, Jul 4, 10:03pm
Consumer has given Nortons a good report? confusing?

chnman, Jul 5, 8:01am
I use Norton Internet Security on one of my computers. I must be extremely lucky. I have no problems using it. It used to be awful, say before 2007/08.

As for it being installed on most new computers...well, let's say the average user buys their computer and assumes the AV will be there to protect them always. Norton will let them know it is due to expire. Most average users would just cancel the message box and forget about it. Then they get problems later on and get malware problems. They take it to their computer shop...the tech will remove expired Norton and (as most users won't want to buy some AV software) install MSE, AVG, etc. Then later they will swear that their new free AV has been great and Norton let a nasty through. I think Norton gets bad comments when it shouldn't. All AV software isn't perfect, neither is Norton. But it has improved greatly.

juke4, Jul 13, 4:58am
Used nortons for years,never had a problem

drcspy, Jul 13, 6:29am
foolisih to pay out all that good money on bad rubbish........YOU may have 'never had a problem with it' but many of us TECHS have seen heaps of problems with it

gregs-gadgets, Jul 13, 8:10am

2nd2none, Jul 13, 8:31am
Nearly 3years old that artical. I'd say a lot has changed since then.

mark.52, Jul 13, 8:51am
I know of no issues with Avast or Avira. A lot of people also use AVG, though it can be a bit of a resource hog. MSE is also popular.

Since they are all free (or have a free version) why not try them each in turn, and use the one you like the best?

Things to take into account:
- How intuitive is the interface for you to navigate and use;
- What are the support forums like;
- What is the performance hit;
- Is there any noticeable slowdown in browsing;
- How good is it at blocking/removing malicious files

and so on. ATB.
Happy Avast user.

chnman, Jul 15, 7:17am
Many on here recommend ESET (NOD32 Antivirus or Smart Security) for users not wanting a free product. Back in Feb 2011 some users on the Wilders Security Forum were praising Norton!! Interesting reading....

hakatere1, Jul 15, 3:52pm
Makes you wonder what other bad info they've given.

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