Wind 7 32bit and 64bit Maximum RAM

king35, Jul 5, 10:09pm
quite new to this. If I where to buy 6GB ram it's basically useless if its 32bit?

drcspy, Jul 5, 10:12pm
32bit will only use about 3gb why would you want 6gb ?

drcspy, Jul 5, 10:20pm
I have 4gb on this laptop and it runs win7 home premium and it's currently usign 30% of the ram

king35, Jul 5, 10:21pm
Just building a computer, i been looking around it says from win7 home basic to ultimate can use up 4gb not 3gb. difference in cash between 4gb to 6gb isn't much this is why i was wondering if its better going 64bit.

drcspy, Jul 5, 10:28pm
well 64bit will 'future proof' you a little

king35, Jul 5, 10:43pm
HAHA, because i use a lot of programs for rendering heard some can't run well on 64bit so think overall I'll stick with 32bit. Thanks man you have been quite helpful.

gyrogearloose, Jul 5, 10:56pm
Look at the vendors websites to see whether they have released a new version or patch for Windows7 64bit - they often do, because 64bit allows more memory to be used, rendering can be memory and processor intensive, and they can be sure that their competitors will be making every effort to boost their performance on 64bit so rumours such as you have heard "xyz doesn't run on 64bit" can kill their market quickly. XP 64bit wasn't great, but Windows7 64bit is good.

What rendering applications are you meaning?

ross1970, Jul 5, 11:14pm

swivel, Jul 6, 12:20am
I use it at home with no problems, Plays all my games etc.

king35, Jul 6, 11:36am
at the moment im using Revit architecture and rendering using realistic view,which takes some serious time then i render again using artlantis and finish it off by photoshop.

fun fun fun (sarcasm)

velenski, Jul 7, 12:44am
im running win 7 ult on a r3000 with 768 mb :)

gyrogearloose, Jul 7, 1:09am
Ah, I see - Abvent are introducing a 64-bit version with artlantis 3, but it's still an alpha release. My advice would be to go with 32-bit this year, but to budget for a software purchase next year to upgrade all of your rendering tools to the 2012 releases and go to Windows 7 64-bit then.

sanders4, Jul 7, 5:06am
Always best to buy as much ram as budget allows, otherwise you will find the cost for chips later on will be excessive due to constant changes.

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