Help with setting up a wireless printer

anna325, Jul 7, 11:32am
I have just set up my new MFC-J265W brother printer that has wireless on it.I have installed it on my laptop and the printer has picked up my internet but I cant get the two to connect unless I use the usb.Any clues to what I have missed?the printer has a TS-07 error which means it can not pick up the WLAN access point although it has picked up my SSID.Totally confused! Thanks heaps!

iluvmuse, Jul 7, 7:09pm
have you entered the network key into the printer, as well as the laptop?
page 21 of the quick setup guide

anna325, Jul 7, 7:18pm
No, but when the printer searches for my SSID network it finds in on the printer and doesnt ask for a network key.

anna325, Jul 7, 7:20pm
Oh and the little wireless icon shows in the top right hand corner of my LCD screen too. Thanks for your reply by the way! :)

drcspy, Jul 7, 8:15pm
read the manual ?

little_egypt, Jul 7, 9:00pm
Press Menu key, choose Print Reports and then press OK. Choose
WLAN Report.

That should tell you a bit more about the problem.

anna325, Jul 8, 12:28am
Yip have read the manual dicspy!And thanks gibler.Also thanks little_egypt, but that report just says that its a TS-07 problem which i cant make sense off as both the computer and the printer have picked up my network!

iluvmuse, Jul 8, 5:43am
picking up the network may not be the same as having access to it.TS-07 means you don't have WPS or AOSS so try step C on page 21.

4pc, Jul 9, 5:20am
Oh yay - guess what we've been phaffing around doing for the past hour.

I think I should have 3 wines and try again after that.

4pc, Jul 12, 1:55am
Still only working if actually plugged in to the printer.Can't get this flippin' wireless stuff to worl!

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