Htc wildfire

kathy100, Jul 9, 2:23am
Hi, I have just bought a htc wildfire cell phone. I wanted to add photos to contacts, but to do that I had to transfer my contacts from SIM to phone. Now I have 2 entries for each contact, which I don't want. Does anyone know how I can get around this problem? Thanks.

mikebumz, Jul 9, 3:17am
My old Nokia gave me the choice under "Contacts > Settings" menu to view contacts from
SIM & Phone
SIM (only)
Phone (only)

Try looking for similar options on your phone?
or try, looking for a "VIEW" Option, in your Contacts section to see if you can only View Phone Contacts only.
Does your phone have a "Merge or Link" option?, you maybe able to merge/link the duplicate contacts together?

kathy100, Jul 9, 4:38am
Thanks for the info! Got it sorted now!

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