Wireless N 150 ADSL2/2 + Modem Router

Are they worth anything or just biff it?


geek_the_broker, Jul 9, 4:33 pm

Somethings are always worth something to someone.

geek_babcorp, Jul 9, 4:44 pm

Thanks. Turns out, the modem in the box isn't the right one. The box says DSL2730B but the one in it is a DWL-2000AP.

If it's any good to anybody local they can have it for free.

geek_the_broker, Jul 9, 4:50 pm

2000AP+ is an old heap, worth maybe $5.

geek_spyware, Jul 9, 5:30 pm

geek_rayza59, Jul 9, 5:46 pm


Cheers guys. Will chuck it away, was just making sure it wasn't any use to anybody.

geek_the_broker, Jul 10, 1:00 am

You dont have to get a wireless reutor if you dont want. You can get a wireless access point and plug it into your reutor. Any model will work with the xbox. Your other option is to get a wirless reutor and put it in place of your current 4 port.

geek_guest, May 5, 6:35 am