Administrator Password

I have an old work computer that I got cheap because no one knows the old administrator password.If I try & save anything like ConvertX or Nero it won't let me without the password. I tried booting into safe mode & changing it from there but had no luck. Any ideas? TIA

geek_mrs.bobseger, Jul 9, 9:11 pm

What operating system?

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 9, 9:58 pm

Sorry, I'm a bit unsavvy.Windows 7?

geek_mrs.bobseger, Jul 9, 10:02 pm

If its an old computer it surely won't be Windows 7. I guess your IT guys weren't too clued up if they didn't know the administrator password lol.

geek_firemansgirl, Jul 9, 10:07 pm

Hold the 'windows key' and hit the pause button. Gives you basic computer info.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 9, 10:25 pm

Windows 7 Professional.When I say old I mean that there has been a recent company-wide upgrade.This was probably the newest of the old computers.The password "should" be the same as on all the computers but for some reason isn't on this one system.

geek_mrs.bobseger, Jul 9, 10:57 pm

restore it to a point when there was no password on it via system restore

geek_leanne_6, Jul 9, 11:20 pm

Use "netpasswd" I think it is. It's a live disc that will reset the password.

Or Ophcrack

geek_charles.j, Jul 10, 12:21 am

Reinstall the O/S> Its probably a domain password and full of business crap anyway.
Come to think of it, what the hell are the IT guys doing giving away a business PC they haven't wiped???

geek_lythande1, Jul 10, 4:59 pm

Typical small business .. the "IT person" is the tea-lady who took a night class and knows slightly more about computers than everyone else.

geek_little_egypt, Jul 10, 5:09 pm

Not good - have seen a couple of these types of PC's in the last 3 yrs - and while they were "legal" (eg; the IT people legitimately sold it to the staff for cheap $) in all cases there were minor league company data still on them. Just letters and stuff.

Even ignoring that - the OP should (as suggested) find a new OS (assuming there is a license key sticker) and do a format and reinstall (after first backing up and data they have put on). Much easier that way.

geek_groovebox, Jul 10, 5:13 pm

NO hdd's get past me without either a security wipe of some brand/ method
A big hammer/ dropped from a good height on to concrete

geek_mrfxit, Jul 10, 7:02 pm

geek_chessman, Jul 10, 7:20 pm

Wow. Most of that sailed over my head. Thing is, I work there, so I have access to most stuff anyway.

geek_mrs.bobseger, Jul 10, 7:33 pm