Electronics advice

OK so for some crazy reason there isn't a hairdryer forum on this website?! So I thought I would post here as I know there are a lot of smart electronic wizards in these parts.

I bought a hairdryer in Spain. It's pretty cool. Cordless and sits in a cradle to recharge. Unfortunately I can't get it to recharge in NZ using a socket adapter. Presumably there is some kind of voltage issue? Is there a way to get around this? My wahine doesn't really want to chuck it as it's pretty cool.

What say you? Thanks.

geek_goodcleanfun, Jul 10, 5:11 pm

Is the socket adapter connecting properly? All EU countries are supposed to use 230v ac

geek_farwest, Jul 10, 5:14 pm

Yeah it's fits correctly. What voltage do we use here, 240? Could a difference between the 2 countries cause a problem?

geek_goodcleanfun, Jul 10, 5:22 pm


geek_spyware, Jul 10, 6:07 pm