Help with printer pls

winnaville, Jul 11, 5:12am
Hi.I have thrown away (or put somewhere safe!!!) the cd that came with my printer and I need to load that printer onto my new computer.Is there any way to do this or impossible without the disc?
Funnily enough, I have every other discs for every other printer I have ever owned, just not the one I need, typical!!!
Thanks for your advise.

jancemord, Jul 11, 5:14am
Google your printer and model number -> was that so hard?

winnaville, Jul 11, 5:18am
Would it be hard for you to offer help without the smart arse comment on the end??

jancemord, Jul 11, 5:19am
Could of given you a direct link but sorry the crystal ball is in for a service

winnaville, Jul 11, 5:22am
Why did you even bother to reply to my help request?

blenheim-trader, Jul 11, 5:22am
What is the make and model of your printer and what Operating system are you using ?

lythande1, Jul 11, 5:23am
Download the software from the manufacturers website. You'll need the right model number - AND you need to choose the right operating system. If it is an old printer and you are using WIn7 for instance now, you may not be able to get a driver that's going to work.

winnaville, Jul 11, 5:24am
Blenheim, it's a Brother HL-2140 and I'm using a Mac OS X 10.5.6(I hope that is right!!)Thanks :)

drcspy, Jul 11, 5:29am
oh well then i'll suggest you DON'T go to the brother site that would be silly

and whatever you do if you do go to the brother site PLEASE dont download any drivers for a brother hl-2140 for mac os..........that'd be the height of ridiculous behaviour

winnaville, Jul 11, 5:34am
Thank you blenheim-trader and lythande for your unjudgemental help!!
drcspy and jancemord - you need to remember that we don't all have time to sit around and be computer experts like you.Your help was unhelpful and rude.

drcspy, Jul 11, 5:36am
we're entitled to be 'unhelpful' this is NOT any kind of help board it's a computing message board......did you EXPECT help ?.......

drcspy, Jul 11, 5:37am
and you're being very judgemental yourself what makes you thinkI *have the time to sit aroudn and be a computer expert' ? You have zero idea of my life

drcspy, Jul 11, 5:38am
and judgemental like that is kinda rude dont' YOU think ?........

winnaville, Jul 11, 5:43am
All I did was ask for help, I did not expect it.But I also didn't expect smart arse comments about how to solve my problem as if i am dumb!I asked if my situation was fixable, a simple yes, you can download drivers would have been helpful.
Your sarcastic reply was not helpful.That's obvious.You insinuated that my problem was easy to solve for YOU...would it have killed you to offer help nicely?
As far as I'm concerned people can ask for advise on a message me where I can't ask for help.

blenheim-trader, Jul 11, 5:44am

winnaville, Jul 11, 5:45am
Thanks blenheim-trader.I will give it a shot. :)

snoopy221, Jul 11, 5:48am
Shesh all drspcy IMPLIED sarcasticaly...
[Which clearly you hadn't done-and oh look
someone in post#15 HAS...]

winnaville, Jul 11, 5:49am
Gees, some of you are a grumpy lot.And actually I did about the same time as post 15 came up.I was still grateful for their help.

blenheim-trader, Jul 11, 5:51am

drcspy, Jul 11, 6:22am
course you can - doesn't mean people who reply HAVE to help didn't like my gentle humour then ?

drcspy, Jul 11, 6:27am
really ? I thought it was just a *tongue in cheek reversal* of what you really SHOULD be doing........not helpful ?..........

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