Epson TX110 printer wont print magenta???

jenniebee, Jul 11, 6:28am
It registers the magenta ink cartridge is loaded correctly and says it's full (have tried replacing it with a new one also) but it will only print in black, yellow and cyan. Why would that be?

drcspy, Jul 11, 6:31am
blocked inkjet I guess.........tried running a clean ?

jenniebee, Jul 11, 6:38am
Yea I've run so many cleans I've used up all the other inks and had to replace those cartridges too!!! Can I unblock it myself or do I need to get someone to look at it? Plan B.... wouldn't mind chucking it off the cliff at the rubish dump. Would love watching it smash into a thousand pieces

richms, Jul 11, 10:16am
Well, if you are accepting that the printer is probably a write off you can do things that may damage it.

Window cleaner with amonia in it is great to remove ink, so a paper towel folded up in the paper path with some on it, and slide the head over it and let it sit for a while can work wonders to unblock them.

Just do a cart change, and yank the power out to get the head free to move.

Failing that, some aquarium hose on the spiggot that the cart goes onto and a syringe to suck back thru the head can unblock it, but also can kill it so try the first option first and see how you get on. I have been told not to put pressure into the printhead, only suction but I have anyway and it got the last few blocked nozzles working.

max-e-mim, Jul 11, 10:30pm
You still around ?

drcspy, Jul 11, 10:33pm
I once used half a bottle of 12yr old chivas regal lol it helped ant the printer smelled great

max-e-mim, Jul 11, 10:37pm
<---- like your style :-)

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