Advice re VPN plese.

brucie44, Jul 11, 11:09am
VPNforhome computer.
any experiences, wisdom ?


max-e-mim, Jul 11, 11:48am
Use it if you must , BUT
have a backup of your data as well somewhere else

richms, Jul 11, 11:50am
What do you mean max? a VPN is a great idea if you are at all worried about the new guilt on accusation law when it starts in september.

max-e-mim, Jul 11, 11:54am
I am not worried, its just of late seen many blade servers fail and take out backup access

brucie44, Jul 11, 11:54am
thanksMax and Rich
do any use it"for privacy reasons"

what doyou recommend?

max-e-mim, Jul 11, 11:56am
I dont use VPN at all
My backup is kept off site, no worries about privacy , just need to know it is accessable at all times

brucie44, Jul 11, 12:03pm
my interestsdo not lay in back ups.


max-e-mim, Jul 11, 12:10pm
U R welcome
look into Encryption programs before you upload files :-)

jcmp21, Jul 11, 12:13pm
What are you wanting to do with VPN?

brucie44, Jul 11, 12:19pm
not be threatened by the new piracy laws if I happen to download something that is copyright.

damon3, Jul 11, 2:30pm
a "VPN" is a link between two private networks typically over a public network such as the internet, it uses encryption to keep the data transferred over the link private.
I'm not sure how this would be useful for a pirate, normally a VPN tunnel is private with a pre-shared key between sites, if you connect to a "public" vpn it defeats the purpose, if it is public then there is no privacy, and if keys are publicly available then anyone can decrypt the traffic over the link, so you are basically taking the "P" out of VPN.

More importantly, if you are trying to avoid detection for downloading stuff, you should be using transport encryption, and IP Block-lists, how effective these are is debatable though.

badcam, Jul 11, 7:37pm
The OP probably means a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

brucie44, Jul 12, 1:18am
understand difference between VPS & VPN
what I want is advice on VPNand providers of.
Alsowhatbangyou got for your $$.Half speed ?

regardsand thanks to all, Bruce.

d.laidlaw, Jul 12, 1:30am
Think of it in terms of a building.Normally deliveries arrives through your front door and this means anyone tracking these packages knows you receive them.

Now you decide you want to receive some dodgy packages but don't want people to know they were delivered to you.What you do is dig a tunnel from the basement, under the street and then half way round the world into the basement of another building.

Now you can get packages delivered to this other building, in a dodgy country that doesn't care as long as the money goes through their banks funding their illegal war on their neighbours, and you sneek them down the tunnel into your own building.

brucie44, Jul 12, 4:40am
thanksD Laidlaw,that is the way I understand it.
Along with some parcelsmay not be dodgybut want to be private.

so the conclusion is VPN is best solution.?
if soVPN providersandmileage,any wisdom.


lostdude, Jul 12, 9:50am
You'll be better off with a seedbox. Google it.

ilottl, Jul 12, 10:04am
I've heard vpn https and encryption down is the way to go, uncrackable on the fly. No idea how though.

brucie44, Jul 12, 10:05am
Hi Lostdude,
understand re seedboxes.
think a bit dearer.
anywhere you would recommend.?


badcam, Jul 12, 10:14am
VPS. Make your own seedbox/whatever you desire.

brucie44, Jul 12, 11:05am
sheeeshthat looks like jumping in the deep end

badcam, Jul 12, 11:10am
It's not for the faint-hearted. ON second thoughts, perhaps a pre-configured seedbox would be best for yourself.

lostdude, Jul 12, 11:33am
Sorry, can't help you there as I haven't tried any yet. Try googling some reviews...

brucie44, Jul 12, 11:36am
yepbeen looking at them.
any idea where togo,and bang for yourbuck.


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