Printer Help Please

sr2, Jul 12, 2:42am
My Samsung CLX-2160N is a little light and patchy when printing black. I??

drcspy, Jul 12, 2:43am
run a clean

jancemord, Jul 12, 2:44am
Check that your computer print settings (when you go file print) you should see a properties button check that it is not set to draft.

sr2, Jul 12, 2:54am
Thanks for the quick responses the print setting is set to normal. By ???run a clean??? are you suggesting the developer blade for the black toner needs to be cleaned? Thanks.

max-e-mim, Jul 12, 2:57am
Take the cartridge out and give it a gentle shake from side to side

johnf_456, Jul 12, 2:58am
In the software for the printer there is normally a option that will make the printer clean itself. Is the toner a genuine or aftermarket one?

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