Repair of bricked seagate 500gb hard drive?

Anyone able to offer advice on unbricking my drive? its a seagate 500gb SATA. Does not show in BIOS but is spinning, classic symptoms of bricking. I have googled but the only reasonable answer I can find required some special equipment. Thanks.

geek_b.j.nichols, Jul 13, 9:08 pm

try an other machine? Still no joy?
Will need to find another drive with the same controller board to replace.

geek_babcorp, Jul 13, 9:10 pm

'Special equipment' should not be expensive. A certain phone cable is required correct?

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 13, 9:13 pm

find the exact same drive online and swap the circuit board?

geek_bm_987, Jul 13, 9:14 pm

It appears to be some sort of serial cable/ PCB

geek_b.j.nichols, Jul 13, 9:14 pm

Mmmmm yea, it's the same cable that connects from the wall to your BB as does your LANDLINE PHONE

geek_mrfxit, Jul 13, 9:17 pm

Have you checked the serial number to see if it's still covered by warranty?

geek_peter148, Jul 13, 9:22 pm

geek_peter148, Jul 13, 9:23 pm

hmmmmm....... learning curve......googling........

geek_babcorp, Jul 13, 9:27 pm

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 13, 9:28 pm

Pretty major stuff for a drive only worth $40 if in good condition and the data is not important so may put it away as a project for a rainy day!! Thanks.

geek_b.j.nichols, Jul 13, 9:45 pm

Huh u come on here asking advice and then get told 6$ USB cable and then its in the too hard basket?

geek_bm_987, Jul 13, 10:35 pm

it's pretty easy to fix using the ca-42 cable. I have fixed several with no loss of data.

geek_oversize, Jul 14, 7:46 pm