HP printer ink used by Canon printer ok?

jaja6, Jul 13, 10:49pm
I have replaced my old HP ink printer, Officejet 6310 with a new Canon MP5250 and have some left over refillable ink for the HP. Is it ok to use that ink on the Canon? Thanks.

jaja6, Jul 13, 11:33pm
Can you say more to enlighten me?

mrfxit, Jul 13, 11:49pm
A lot of "manufactures ink" has particuler additives put in to achieve the desired result with THAT printer's total design.

SOME use a generic ink & some don't.
It's also a fairly closely guarded secret so that ppl don't even attempt to use alternative branded inks from what THAT brand printer is allowed to use

In short, if the other branded ink buggers up your printer = KISS your warrenty GOOD BYE

drcspy, Jul 14, 12:12am
Huh i use epson ciss ink in my brother no prob

wasgonna, Jul 14, 2:28am
They're probably all made by the same chinese manufacturer using the same ingredients for all makes of printer.

mrfxit, Jul 14, 5:55am
Ciss is a different matter
I was talking about factory branded inks & cartridges in factory branded printers

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