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bigal12, Jul 15, 1:24am
This is probably a very easy problem, but cannot find the answer myself.
When I wish to print a page of a website etc, or from Office I click on the left hand side and the print box flashes up very briefly then "goes to back" so I have to minimise the page to see the print box.
How can I keep the print box in front or on top of the document whilst I fill the required pages etc.
Looked at some things on the control panel but cannot see what I think may help me.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


max-e-mim, Jul 15, 1:49am
Just continue the way you are doing it
Fill in the details you need ie "print current page" etc the printer will know the page to print even it is minimised

bigal12, Jul 15, 2:39am
Yes thanks I do not get any time to fill in any boxes or change to grayscale as it goes before to the back after 1 second or less

max-e-mim, Jul 15, 2:55am
Ok working on it BRB

max-e-mim, Jul 15, 3:04am
As I understand you the page you wish to print comes back to the front thus hiding the print box
You have to mim that page in order to see the print box again in order to fill the details out
Does the print box still stay on the screen with every thing else mimimised ?
Part 2: the print box should show in the bottom toolbar , so if the page was to appear in front clicking the printbox in the tool bar should put it back up on the screen

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