BROTHER DCP-J315W Multi-Function Colour Printer

mmmail, Jul 15, 4:48am
Advice please - possibly in the market for one of these.Has anyone used/had experience with - thoughts appreciated - only need for everyday use, so seems to be worth it and DSE will do free delivery at the moment.Thanks in advance.

iluvmuse, Jul 15, 5:12am
some have hardwire and wireless, others dont. google the model no.

mmmail, Jul 15, 5:50am
Thanks, I'll check it out!

mmmail, Jul 15, 10:14am
Thanks again, I ended up getting an Epson Stylus NX125 - for all of $44 (incl GST) at DSE.To be honest, if I get 12mths out of it, at that price, I can't complain!Used all the cords from the old Canon to hook it up, so scored a "free" spare set of cords into the bargin and I'm back printing again.Epson also have a deal on at the moment that gave me free extended warranty (probably not worth zip, but it's in there and a $15 voucher toward future consumables and NO, I don't work for em, just all worked out better than I thought it would.

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