Anyone useing 'MyPhonExplorer' as pc software ...

jaja6, Jul 15, 5:55am
for Android phones? Bought a LG P500 from eKing butthe memory card with the software in it was excluded and I problem finding and downloading the so called LG PC Suite from the net. Any other idea will be welcome. Thanks.

carkitter, Jul 15, 8:34am
I've used MPE for nearly 6yrs; its the most awesome phone-sync software anywhere. I've used it with every Sony Ericsson phone I've had since my K700i and am currently using it with my Xperia X10.
Highly recommended for any Android phone.

jaja6, Jul 15, 4:59pm
Thanks for the info, though I am still struggling to get it working. It did not reconized my LG P500, before and after i disabled the P500 drivers. I am not sure how set the phone to "Charge Only" when connecting to pc. Anyone knows.

jaja6, Jul 15, 5:00pm
The User Manual doesn't say much.

carkitter, Jul 16, 12:03pm
I don't know anything about LG phones. I don't buy them as they don't appeal to me in any way, shape or form.
MPE FAQ page here:

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