54Mbps modem but 300Mbps Usb wireless adapter

king35, Jul 16, 2:04am
while buying parts for the computer I decided to buy 300Mbps wireless N USB adapter. But when i got home released my modem is Dsl-g604t Wireless G adsl of 54Mbps. Would the wireless adapter still work?

king35, Jul 16, 2:11am
So it will not cause any problem of any sort? I still haven't opened the package encase i need to return it.

drcspy, Jul 16, 2:16am
nah i'ts 'backwards compatible' .................it'll just run at 54Mb/s

king35, Jul 16, 2:26am
sweet i spent roughly 25mins on queue number #1 for the d-link technical help and just gave up. Thanks again guys.

drcspy, Jul 16, 2:30am
it'll tell you on the box anyway just take a close look

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