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smilie13, Jul 16, 9:06am
what is the difference between cs 5.5 and cs 5

chip8, Jul 16, 9:07am

smilie13, Jul 16, 9:19am
will cs5 products still intergrate with the new cs5.5 version product

smilie13, Jul 16, 9:20am
Would like to purchase cs5.5 photoshop extended with dreamweaver cs 5

mattnzw, Jul 16, 12:18pm
I am sure the website will answer all that. CS6 isn't too far away either. I use CS3, and it does everything I need.

-mung-, Jul 17, 11:27pm
Not all the products in the suite have been changed. Photoshop and illustrator remains the same. InDesign has better support for creating ebooks and other interactive features, Premiere Pro and After Effects have better support for GPUs and some new plugins (warp stabilizer in AE would have been handy to me a few months ago). Dreamweaver I don't remember but I think it has a few tweaks. InDesign CS5.5 needs to be saved as IDML to work in CS5, and I don't think you can back-save AE and PP files.

Upgrade cycle of full number releases is 18-20 months.

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