Thunderbird email update... now not working...

captkirknz, Jul 16, 9:07am
Any advice would be much appreciated.Tried a system restore but didn't work.The program just won't open now. thanks

r.g.nixon, Jul 16, 9:34am
XP? Win 7?

captkirknz, Jul 16, 9:42am
XP cheers nixon

captkirknz, Jul 16, 10:06am
ok so have done two system restores, uninstalled and reinstalled.. still no go... eek... help please this is crucial!!!

r.g.nixon, Jul 16, 10:25am
Ummm..... looking, but I'm on 'slow' internet just now. What version were you on & what update did you get, version 5?

captkirknz, Jul 16, 11:34am
not sure what version (partners computer) but updated to 5.0 (the latest update that has just come out)

captkirknz, Jul 16, 10:01pm
bumping for morning crew.......

drsr, Jul 16, 11:44pm

captkirknz, Jul 16, 11:55pm
thanks for that.... tracked down an old version and all working again.New version seems to have problems....

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