30gb Ipod help please. Rebooted and restored my

midsta, Jun 8, 3:12pm
30gb Ipod help please. Rebooted and restored my Ipod and downloaded new itunes etc as it was not working. Now when I connect ipod it shows up as a storage device but will not register in Itunes all the time and if it does it says it needs restoring even though I have done this. It will not let me sync as well. However the ipod although empty seems to be working fine apart from making noise like a mouse trying to get out of a cardboard box. Does anyone have any sensible ideas about how to fix this? It has not been dropped or water damaged. TY

sooby, Jun 8, 8:18pm
I had very similar problem this weekend it turned out to be a loose USB connection on the PC. Try www.ipodlounge.com there are lots of solutions there. Good luck!

thegilly, Jun 9, 3:35am
Odd noise, especially clicking, = bad news. The hard drive in your iPod may be on the way out. If it's still under warranty, you may want to get it looked at. If not, by all means follow all the usual steps to try and get it working again (see Apple support website, etc), but prepare for the possibility that it may give up altogether and need to be replaced. It'd cost you about $150 to replace the hard drive yourself (looking at a reputable NZ parts site), so at that rate it might make more sense to think about a whole new iPod (check out the refurbished section on Apple's web site for a better price on non-current models). Good luck, and I hope it's not the hard drive causing your problems!

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