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mummaslifeline, Jul 17, 4:38am
Ive installed Sp3, to no avail....the model number of the laptop (not sure if its relevant) is MS2231

cookee_nz, Jul 17, 4:43am
You are going to need to get the drivers via another Laptop.First question is, how did you do the reinstall? - there would/should be a "Recovery" CD or special recovery Partition on the HDD for that model which would have reinstalled all the correct drivers as part of the reload. That model may have originally shipped with Vista Home so I suspect you will have trouble 'activating' Windows XP because the Certificate of Authenticity underneath will be for Vista and not XP.If you have a full retail version of XP with a Product Key then you should be ok.

You'll need to get the drivers from Acer at this link....


I would start with the full chipset drivers because that will update multiple devices automatically.Easiest way may be to use a Flash Drive to get at least the Network driver back on, you could use a friends Internet connection and PC to download the files but if you are going to do that, you might find it easiest to download and install all the drivers.Alternatively, if you can at least get the Network connection going then you can connect and have the rest of the drivers updated automatically.I strongly suggest you do NOT connect a 'raw' clean build PC direct to the internet before you install some Antivirus software - some of the malware on the loose will infect within seconds of connecting.Hope this helps.

shaneo2, Jul 17, 4:44am
??How are you posting on here without internet.You need to get online and get at least the network adapter for you model laptop.
If it a 5230 Aspire go here

cookee_nz, Jul 17, 4:48am
Ah, ok SP3 will at least have the Firewall active from the start so not quite so risky but still, be careful.Generally I do the Network first (if you need Internet), then do the Video/Display driver before anything else because the default low resolution display may make viewing some sites quite difficult.

mummaslifeline, Jul 17, 4:48am
Heya, yep im on my fully functioning laptop, have the original xp disc and product code. Am downloading drivers now, but im just unsure as to the right ones, theres heaps on there for this laptop (having a blonde moment) have antivirus malware spyware set up on usb to will get that cranking if its looking like i can get the internet working....thanks heaps for your reply

mummaslifeline, Jul 17, 4:50am
Ahhhh next stupid question, network adapter = lan driver on that acer link, and is there one in particular i need or will any of them do? Think im just confusing myself now lol

cookee_nz, Jul 17, 4:51am
Good point Shaneo2, OP must be using cellphone or borrowed PC but you are right - access to download the drivers appears resolved.I'd still be inclined personally to suggest the .com.au Acer site mainly because they tend only to list models actually shipped through them or sold in their region and the US sites can have a bewildering range of models that seem similar but not quite what you need.

cookee_nz, Jul 17, 4:56am
No - you need the EXACT one - trying to install an incorrect one will just add problems.The "new hardware found" wizard may already be telling you what it's looking for, but not in the order you want.Cancel and keep cancelling until the Ethernet one comes up and note the exact description. It looks like "Broadcom" may be the Cabled LAN port so try downloading that
, but the Wireless could be one of 4 so leave that until you are live.

mummaslifeline, Jul 17, 5:50am
At risk of sounding completely needy, based on the info ive given and if you have a spare minute could you pretty please link me to the exact one i need :) id be forever gratefull....

drcspy, Jul 17, 6:00am
get the lan driver then goto windows updates that'll put a fair few of the other missing ones in

drcspy, Jul 17, 6:03am

get the broadcom lan adaptor driver for xp

mummaslifeline, Jul 17, 6:50am
cool thanks heaps, its saying 2hours to download? good old slingshot? or massive file?

drcspy, Jul 17, 6:51am
50mb I think ..........should take minutes unless you have a pretty damn slow connection.................two-
hours on dialup yep

mummaslifeline, Jul 17, 6:58am
What, seriously? Well i wonder wtf is happening with my connection cos im certainly not on dial up? have found the file anyways, turns out somewhere along this path ive got it. So do i just find a setup file on it once i get it on "the" laptop?

mummaslifeline, Jul 17, 7:04am
Right mr drcspy, i LOVE you!!! And others that have helped!!! ive now got internet so the rest should be reasonable straight forward to get right? God i dont no how you techs do this for a living, my brain hurts and my anger levels are at an all time high lol! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

drcspy, Jul 17, 7:04am
it's not difficult you have to be logical............now run windows update

mummaslifeline, Jul 17, 7:09am
I would, if my ethernet cable would play the game! Do i need to download a wireless lan now, to connect? Dont think this cords any good ive just had it hooked to this laptop to try and speed up that download process...god so close....so far....(:

drcspy, Jul 17, 7:12am
what do you mean ? i'ts not conneting ?
what if any error message do you get ?

mummaslifeline, Jul 17, 7:15am
Well down the bottom right in that tray there is the local area connection icon that appeared after i did that install, but when i plug my ethernet cable in, nada....

mummaslifeline, Jul 17, 7:22am
And cant connect wirelessly as theres no option to do so in internet connections?

drcspy, Jul 17, 7:25am
you need to be more specific ..........what happens when you try to get a webpage ?

mummaslifeline, Jul 17, 7:28am
Should i be hooked up to the ethernet for this process? When i go to webpage i get the "page cannot be diplayed" message

drcspy, Jul 17, 7:31am
what ? of course you need to plug in the ethernet cable otherwise theres no way you'll get a connection !

mummaslifeline, Jul 17, 7:33am
Yea i figured that, up there i asked if i should download a wireless driver as i think my cable is shagged, sorry for not being clearer :( brain drain! Ill go have a search thru the wire drawer and see if i can find another one to try, stick with me here please lol im so close! Arent i?

drcspy, Jul 17, 7:34am
well if the cable is broken what are you currently using on the computer you're using now to communicate here ?

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