Looking for a decent & cheap gaming pc..

lugee, Jul 18, 5:42am
Both barely mediocre for playing games.

drcspy, Jul 18, 5:42am
Cheap and gaming dont really go together that well. After all it's quite easy to spend $1000 on a video card........you need to state what type of 'gaming ' you want to do otherwise how the hell can anyone even guess what you'll need

deus701, Jul 18, 6:40am
Moderate gaming. Hmm.. Able to play latest games (games released this year) at low or medium settings would be fine.

directorylist, Jul 18, 6:47am
Both are pretty reasonable for what you want to play games at average to low settings, how much money in your budget?

deus701, Jul 18, 6:51am
Probably around $500-700 for the system itself (without monitor or os would be fine)

nacura, Jul 18, 6:56am
Both PC's you linked have terrible Cpus. At least get phenom

babcorp, Jul 18, 7:43am
If you want a decent gaming rig either spend the big bucks or buy an xbox.

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