Adobe Cs 5 Student or premium

bre2, Jul 18, 5:58am
Have been to JB hifi, norman ross, harvey norman etc and getting conflicting advice so would appreciate any help.

My daughter is doing Art,design & graphics and has said she needs Photoshop and Illustrator so that she can do school work at home.
She would be a beginner usingsoftware..

I've been told to buy from above shops the Cs 5.5 standard student addition for $499 and some have told me to buy premium edition for $560.They have said I need to activate key online and also I have to pay a fee every year.
It seems a lot of money to pay out if I have to pay out more every year.

So I need advice please on which one to buy and any recommendations of places to buy from that maybe cheaper.Also is the software easy to use.


mattnzw, Jul 18, 6:01am
The non academic versions are a lot more. You are getting a good deal with the student ones. You could be better buying from and getting advice from them.

r.g.nixon, Jul 18, 6:04am
If money is tight, get Photoshop Elements. It will probably do everything a beginner would need, and costs much less. You need version 7 or newer if using Windows 7, otherwise just pickup any of version 2-6 for XP.

newbie5, Jul 18, 6:59am
dont get it from any of those big retailers go to and put in thestudent id and you will get it a least half of what they say
From lapshop website.
Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 Extended software is the ultimate solution for advanced digital imaging =$249.
Make sure you look at the student/ teacher products

-mung-, Jul 18, 7:12am
Design Premium has Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat. I think it has Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks too. It's a good deal considering the price of each of those products on their own. Also, when it comes time to upgrade it entitles you to a discount on the next version. The educational version doesn't offer this.

However: You can also go to the Adobe site directly and lease the software. This is cheaper for the short term although it's more expensive than buying it outright over the long term. But check it out, might work for you. You can also download 30-day trials of everything.

The software seems pretty opaque to a new user at first, but easy enough to use once you learn some core concepts.

mattie47, Jul 18, 11:21am
"is doing Art,design & graphics" if it's through a tertiary institutions, some offer deals on getting it cheaper. I don't know if they just get a cheaper deal or if it's subsidized, but it could be worth asking. I remember a couple years back one friend getting the CS4 master collection for about $700ish through cpit (which from memory is usually several grand) and another friend getting it through Uni Canterbury for about $400.

bre2, Jul 18, 10:46pm
Thanks for advice.The Lapshop were a great help so will probably buy from them as it is way cheaper.

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