Downloading driver for printer {lexmark}

deathmetal, Jul 18, 6:12am
how long should it take? -been taking so far about 2 hours? [x2650]

drcspy, Jul 18, 6:37am
depends totally on the size of the file and your internet connection speed and the speed of their servers...............what you're essentially asking is .........somethin akin to

driving to wellington how long should it take
but you're not providing any info about where you're driving from
or the type of vehicle your'e using
or the route (on road off road )

drcspy, Jul 18, 6:38am
you havent mentioned the file/the printer model/your version of windows or even provided any info whatsoeever

deathmetal, Jul 18, 6:44am
it is the model number, what else would it be? lexmark [as above] x2650 on vista.

drcspy, Jul 18, 6:45am
how the hell you expected someone to know that Idont comprehend.........anyway

wellI dont care

deathmetal, Jul 18, 6:45am
we arnt all computer technicians, all you had to do was list what i needed to tell you.

drcspy, Jul 18, 6:48am
why should I ?
get smart and start thinkin for yourself........
ask yourself what someone might need to know

deathmetal, Jul 18, 6:49am
i do think for myself, i dont come to the board until ive googled first.
& i didnt ask for your rudeness!.

chnman, Jul 18, 6:51am

drcspy, Jul 18, 6:54am
what rudeness ?
you aint seen nothin yet
and if you DID 'google ' before you came here INCLUDE THAT INFO ALSO otherwise someone is sure to tell you to do that then you'll no doubt get your back up about that

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