A little bit of sewing help advice, hems..

popped_out, Jul 18, 6:52am
Hello, Im sewing some merino fingerless gloves , it doesnt matter what I sew though as it happens with anything stretchy, when I sew a hem it kind of slides around and stretches and I then cant get a straight nice looking hem. Has anyone got any advice to help? Do I need some of that clear stretchy stuff that feels rubbery, and pin it on when turning the hem over?Thanks.

acura, Jul 18, 6:53am
What OP.sys? lol

swivel, Jul 18, 6:53am
using the wrong ram chips I think

drcspy, Jul 18, 6:55am
have you booted the sewing machine ? ...............try steel cap it might help !

popped_out, Jul 18, 6:56am
hahah whoops sorry "computing" people this was meant to be in crafts I hit wrong topic...please ignore!

acura, Jul 18, 6:57am
You need the pinguin... ditch bill!

badcam, Jul 18, 6:59am
You can buy some stuff that you use to iron them hems. That should be enough, but you could also sew it after, to be sure. Spotlight stock it.

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