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swivel, Jul 18, 8:10pm
Apple deals massive patent blow to HTC, Android in serious trouble

Late yesterday an ITC judge ruled that smartphone maker HTC has infringed two Apple patents, and it seems likely that every single Android device out there infringes the same patents.

The two Apple patents that HTC is infringing are as follows:

???U.S. Patent No. 5,946,647 on a ???system and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data.???
???U.S. Patent No. 6,343,263 on a ???real-time signal processing system for serially transmitted data.???
This is a very significant development since these two patents are also in dispute between Apple and Motorola and Apple and Nokia. This decision is also landmark in that it is the first legal judgement that finds Android in infringement of third-party intellectual property rights.

Just how serious is this ruling for HTC? Very serious. The worst-case scenario is that the ITC imposes an US import ban against all of HTC??

mrfxit, Jul 18, 8:13pm
LOL typical ....
get a good product on the market, just to have it sunk on a copyrite issue.

swivel, Jul 18, 8:18pm
TM will jump on this now.LOL

gilco2, Jul 18, 8:29pm
easy solution. all Asian countries ban Apple products. It would hurt Apple more I would think. Certain countries could then sell pirate Apple products for those who really want them and Apple gets no revenue from it.

drcspy, Jul 18, 8:35pm
that would hurt them a LOT.........imagine if all countries said .......either drop this shit or we'll stop importing apple stuff.........they'd drop it fast.......they cant 'muscle in ' on the phone market like this practically as theres probably a billion android phones out there........what are they gonna do about that ? ......greed knows no bounds

suicidemonkey, Jul 18, 8:36pm
Google should just sue Apple for copying the pull-down notification bar in iOS5. Android had it from day 1.

oclaf, Jul 18, 10:34pm
Imagine Henry Ford successfully sued the next person who came along and copied the idea of putting a petrol motor on 4 wheeled frame.

trey_dah, Jul 19, 5:51am
It's not quite that cut and dried - imagine if you created something and then someone decided it was pretty cool so they used their larger platform to sell it off and make more money from it than you.

I'm not technically advanced enough to understand exactly what these particular patents do, and I see that originally there were ten but eight were dropped so I would have to assume that the legal system are doing their job

fordcrzy, Jul 19, 7:44am
its just apple at thier best...sue sue sue and sue some more....those apple lawers must be the busiest in the world....get the **** over it do not own the worlds technology market...not everyone wants a little white box. apple are becoming very communist in thier approach to the world...if you don't like the opposition..kill them.

drsr, Jul 19, 7:55am
Florian Mueller is a professional FUD merchant, whose job seems to be to make a mountain out of any open-source molehill he can find. Ignore him.

vtecintegra, Jul 19, 8:16am
This is from a year or so ago but should still illustrate what a mess things are:

I can tell you the situation has only gotten more complex over the past year.

gregs-gadgets, Jul 19, 8:36am
its not as easy as that , its more in how the code is compiled for that pull down notification bar to work.

lostdude, Jul 19, 8:42am
LOL, Nokia has by far the most outstanding cases...

remmers, Jul 19, 9:05am
The rumour is that HTC settled a while back with Microsoft, the guess is USD$5 per handset, some say that MS make more from HTC sales than they do from their own phone OS.

vtecintegra, Jul 19, 9:57am
There isn't any hard and fast rule as to what is and isn't patentable - Apple has sued over some pretty abstract concepts such as that example before too.

But I'm pretty sure the pull down notification bar was in other OSs before Android

foxdonut, Jul 19, 10:01am
The last time Apple went seriously apeshit with the lawyers they went out of business.

This is the best thing that can happen for the technology world. (again)

little_egypt, Jul 19, 11:13pm
One of the better arguments against software patents;
"If people had understood how patents would be granted when most
of today's ideas were invented, and had taken out patents, the industry
would be at a complete standstill today." -- Bill Gates, 1991

The purpose of patents is supposed to be to encourage innovation. Software patents quite indisputably have the opposite effect and need to be abolished.

deus701, Jul 20, 3:55am
hmmm...does this mean cheaper htc phones?

little_egypt, Jul 20, 4:27am
I am technically advanced enough to have read and understood a small number of software patents (and then consulted with a networking expert who concurred with my interpretation) and I agree with the analogy. Many software patents are about the quality of Ford patenting "four wheels on a rigid body" -- completely useless for actually building anything, but broad enough that you can sue someone who later comes along and brings a product to market.

suicidemonkey, Jul 20, 4:32am
More likely to be more expensive HTC phones. If Apple do win, instead of blocking HTC from using the patents, they'll probably charge a hefty commission for their use.

remmers, Jul 20, 4:42am
Well as I said before USD$5 per handset seems to be the going rate, cheaper than spending a heap on R&D.

vtecintegra, Jul 20, 5:15am
Trouble is its highly likely they already spent the money on R&D only to inadvertently trip up on a patent that should never have been issued.

fordcrzy, Jul 20, 8:56am
another reason to NOT BUY APPLE PRODUCTS!
like i said peole should be scared of the "apple world government" when all new technologies are controlled by apple because they patented some obscure aspect of future technology..if they keep patenting a small bit at a time then pretty soon the whole tech sector is stuffed.

remmers, Jul 20, 8:57am
Nokia hold the most patents of all the handset makers so are you applying this to them or just Apple products.

-mung-, Jul 20, 9:02am
what planet are you on? Seriously.

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