Slow sending emails in thunderbird 5.0

I have a problem which is driving me crazy.
My email is slow to send the email out - 25 seconds at least
but if the dialogue box is hidden I wouldn't see it so less frustration.
It attaches a company logo and if I take this off it is slightly quicker but probably I need to have this logo on my email.
Any help would be much appreciated.

geek_oceansd, Jul 19, 10:42 am

p.s. the speed on my computer has been checked and above average

geek_oceansd, Jul 19, 10:44 am

Logo too large? Antivirus scanner scans emails before sending? (turn that option off).

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 19, 11:09 am

only turned on to scan in coming emails

geek_oceansd, Jul 19, 11:17 am

Have the same problem. Please help me. Nick at ebbersmedia . nl

geek_nick, Aug 2, 4:00 am

same here, please help

geek_guest, Sep 21, 11:29 am


geek_guest, Dec 2, 8:36 pm