Acer Iconia

hapukanz, Jul 21, 3:52am
Anyone got one?

Had mine about 2 weeks now
Very pleased so far,

Any one have any issues comments etc?

ALSO looking to get a USB keyboard.. anyone got one to work with it?

Kinda looking to get a support thread going maybe?

7of9, Jul 21, 6:16am
Hello, The tablet works mint with USB keyboard and mice but also works with blue tooth keyboard and mice. I just received my ASUS eee transformer in the post and prefer the transformer just because I can use it like a netbook when I need to write word documents. The only issues I have come across with Honeycomb tablets is the lack of Apps for 3.0 and 3.1 devices but coding for the device is alot of fun. :)

hapukanz, Jul 22, 10:47am
anyone else bought one recently?

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