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brooklyn011, Jul 21, 8:07am
advice please. I want a really good computer but not from a place that you buy seperate parts. Iam thinking of either the Apple Mac Destop or a HP desktop.. Looking in the $2000 to $3500 price range. Please advise on what you guys think is better. I want something that is really awesome. cheers

vtecintegra, Jul 21, 8:09am
Go to a real computer store and get them to build you something.Generic desktops (like HPs) sold through chain stores are just disasters.

If you want a Mac then buy directly from Apple.Just be aware you are going to be paying a premium for the nicer design.

reeveopd, Jul 21, 8:12am
Apple Mac

lustee32, Jul 21, 8:14am
apple mac 27 inch

missyone, Jul 21, 8:14am

btoogood, Jul 21, 8:15am
Apple mac +1

brooklyn011, Jul 21, 8:17am
ok. so iam getting the impression you guys like apple.. can i ask what you love about it?? I dont have much computer knowledge but would be keen to know why the apple is so good. (apart from the fact it looks awesome!!)

suicidemonkey, Jul 21, 8:26am
Sure Apple Macs look nice and OS X is all shiney and pretty and I own a Macbook myself, but you can buy a far more powerful PC for half the price. And Windows 7 is a fantastic OS.

vtecintegra, Jul 21, 8:26am
Thats enough for many people.

They do tend to have pretty good screens and nice build quality, plus you're less likely to run into viruses, trojans and other malware.On the flip side some software is not compatible and the operating system takes a bit of getting used to coming from Windows.

BTW why are you keen to spend $2-3.5k on a system?Thats kind of backwards, you should really figure out what it is you want to do then shop for an appropriate system.

dunedin_ree, Jul 21, 8:29am
Actually, people that like Mac OS are probably in the minority in this forum...

I prefer Macs because I like the OS and design (and as I have iPods, iPads etc I'm also told that iTunes on Windows is a dog). I'm also way more familiar with it now so I just naturally gravitate towards buying Apple products as I need to replace things.There are also specific features/software that I really like, like Time Machine and iPhoto.

Other people prefer Windows.Buy what YOU prefer not what other people tell you to.Go and try one out in a shop before you buy.

vtecintegra, Jul 21, 8:31am
iTunes isn't any worse on Windows than it is on OSX these days.

Anyway you can run Windows on the Mac if need be, but its an extra expense on top of the Macs price

dunedin_ree, Jul 21, 8:37am
That's a big budget ... iMacs cost between $2000 and $3300* so that would easily fit, though.

*For the pre-configured models. If you max out the most expensive one with SSD and 16GB of RAM etc, it'd top $6k.

-mung-, Jul 21, 9:48am
The "you can get a more powerful machine for x cost" is a bit tired now considering that ALL computers you can buy (except ironically shitty cheap PCs) are grunty.

My advice is get a mac, but hey, I'm just some guy on the net. *shrug*

vtecintegra, Jul 21, 9:51am
The point is you can buy something acceptably grunty for $1100 or so or spend close to double that on the cheapest iMac.Either way you'll end up with a system that does exactly the same thing.

groovebox, Jul 21, 11:08am
Agree - it comes down to 2 things IMHO - if a user likes the look and feel of the Mac experience (and has a little more money to invest) and what programs they need to use.

If it is just for Web and Email and Word and Excel (or equivalents) then any mid level PC running Win7 or Linux will be fine.

There have been a few people on these MB's who WANT a Mac but can't due to specific programs not running natively on a Mac (without the added $ of a copy of Win anyhow).

As other people have stated - go to a shop and try a Mac. I agree with them also that you are better off (if going PC) to get one built for you. However the next problem is getting one built PROPERLY with a nice case and so on. (Hey - we all like nice looking things!) :)

mattnzw, Jul 21, 11:33am
Only one answer. Go into a store and try them out. Some people don't like the mac interface, some people don't like the windows interface.
The mac wins in terms of having less cables and being overall a tidier setup on your desk, as it is all in one. They are also pretty good value. Make sure it has thunderbolt.

morrisman1, Jul 21, 12:08pm
Personally I would get an iMac but before you go out and get a 27" one try one out because in reality they are damn massive. Do you have the space? Do you need the extra working space on the screen? If yes then go for it!!!

I feel that Apple computers have a longer useful life than what windows based computers do and that is backed up from my personal experiences. The household laptop is a macbook which is 4 years old now. It was close to a base model and only cost $2200 at the time. It still runs 2gb ram and a 160gb hard drive but desktop performance is great and my much newer core i5 desktop mac doesnt feel that much faster for general use like web browsing, itunes, MS Office etc but of course when number crunching comes into it then yea it will blow the macbook out of the water. The macbook still feels like a new laptop when you use it and it functions great. It will probably last another couple of years before it gets replaced by a new model.

Having a laptop last 4+ years is pretty good these days, most windows laptops of that age that I use feel knackered, the batteries dont work, fans are koozed and modern windows apps don't seem to like the lack of processing power in them. Yes I recommend getting a mac, especially if you aren't the type to go replace computers for the sake of having the latest and greatest.

vtecintegra, Jul 21, 12:20pm
That is your perception but I doubt you can back it up with any type of real objective data.Plenty of us are still using 4+ year old Windows machines too without any issues even if we have had to do the odd upgrade or battery replacement.

I actually have one of the very first XP laptops from 2002 and its still usable with modern software - I doubt you could say the same of a G3 iBook.

Also you got very lucky with that battery - most will be toast by now and in newer models they are not even user replaceable.I've seen this exact thing happen multiple times:

gibler, Jul 21, 12:41pm
Meh I've seen many a macbook pro that are exactly the same. The white macbooks look has though they have been through a war. Batteries go from supposedly fully charged to flat in about 30 minutes. Keys all worn. Trackpads stuffed.

oclaf, Jul 21, 1:19pm
Personally I would never ever buy a mac. I use apple for my mp3 player. Nothing else.
I appreciate the freedom that comes with my own windows/ Linux based computers. I like that I can easily replace and change components with whatever I choose and run whatever software I please. And I can have a system that is compatible with pretty much everything.

Apple locks you into a little razor blade lined propitiatory box ,where there is only Apples way or no way. Even something simple like connecting too your TV will likely require some (damn expensive) propriety Apple adapter. They are fine for people who want too pay a premium for something silver and shiny too write emails. They are also unrivaled in the creative arts arena. When it comes too graphic design and audio engineering, Mac is king.
If your an audio engineer, photo retoucher or a receptionist with an interior design fetish I recommend a Mac. If your anyone else I recommend a PC.

What do you want your computer too do? $2500 is a huge budget for a basic computer. Even for a Mac, unless your gunning for a Mac Pro its a huge budget. For a decent general use PC there is no reason to spend over $1k. Maybe 1.5k for a Mac. You only need more than that if you really need power for gaming (not on a Mac) or something serious. Also avoid ACERs and HP like the plague. Go too a real computer shop, not Harvey Norman.

morrisman1, Jul 21, 8:44pm
Which includes Mac OS X, it is linux's brother and has the same blood running through its veins. iOS could be regarded as a 'walled garden' but OSX certainly is not.

jana.f.hayes, Jul 21, 9:17pm
I would go for Windows. I have 3gb Ram, 500gb hard disk dual core 2.5Ghz processor, full sized keyboard and 17" screen, running Windows Vista, and 7 (only installed 7 last year). I have more value for money it would appear because my lap top only cost $1600 compared to $2200. It's about four years old coming up in Sept.

But hey, if you've got money to throw around, why not get a Mac? I still don't see the difference at all now, aside from the OS, they're using the same chips etc, aren't they?

drcspy, Jul 21, 9:39pm
Why spend so much ? you wold feta kick ass pc for $2000 .what do ypu want to use it for?

reeveopd, Jul 21, 10:10pm
You have stated before that you haven't used a Mac. How can you judge if you haven't used one?

I have computers running Windows XP & 7, Linux Mint 10 & Puppy, Chromium OS, OS X Snow Leopard & Lion. I can honestly say that without a doubt Mac is by far my favourite and the next computer I buy will be a nice big shiny iMac.

remmers, Jul 21, 10:11pm
The MS way, a race to the bottom, cheap and value for money are two different things.

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